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  • 965M


    965M Lamar Canyon Pack - Prospect Peak Pack YNP Metal Print

  • 755M

    755M At Tower Junction

    755M Alpha Male of the Lamar Canyon pack, Yellowstone National Park,...

  • 926F

    926F Daughter Of 06

    926F daughter of 06 and  now standing Alpha Female of the Lamar Canyon...

  • EL 10x42

    EL 10x42

    EL 10x42 Keeping pace with the optical train, the EL SV's construction...

  • Twin


    Twin, Lamar Canyon  Pack Alpha Male YNP Mate of 926F  Daughter Of 06...



    T2 ADAPTER MICRO 4/3 Quick and simple The T2 adapter ring allows you to...

  • SLIK PRO 700

    SLIK PRO 700

    SLIK PRO 700SLIK's exclusive A.M.T. super titanium alloy legs make the...



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Being in Yellowstone National Park and observing wildlife approximately 340 days a year is something most people can only dream about.  The experience is greatly enhanced by observing the wildlife with the best optics available, a Swarovski Spotting scope paired with Swarovski binoculars.  I have been particularly interested in wolves and sharing their history and stories in the park with visitors as well as giving them a look through my Swarovski 95mm spotting scope.  Seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing their exclamations is very rewarding and often leads to them renting or purchasing Swarovski equipment at a later time.

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Yellowstone National Park

 Company Vision

A visit to Yellowstone is not inexpensive with lodging, meals, guides car rentals, shopping and more.  The wildlife experience can be close at times but often with the predators, wolves, grizzlies and cougars to name the top 3, are most often quite distant.  Renting or purchasing great optics through Optics Yellowstone and utilizing the photo options gives the visitor an incredible opportunity to see and photograph distant wildlife as if it were a "close-up" experience.  It is Optics Yellowstone's mission to enhance the wildlife viewing experience for as many visitors as possible.  This in turn creates new ambassadors for wildlife as they return home and plan their next visit to Yellowstone National Park.

Partner Companies

Optics Yellowstone rents and sells the best optics in the world exclusively dealing in Swarovski Optiks (from Austria).  SLIK tripods and heads are available through Optics Yellowstone and we are please to be able to offer digiscoping capabilities to our sales and rentals through Swarovski and PhoneSkope.  Swarovski, SLIK and PhoneSkope coming together through Optics Yellowstone.


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